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10 Things That Make It More Likely You’ll Get an Interview — and the Job

10 Things That Make It More Likely You’ll Get an Interview — and the Job

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A serious job search is not something we suggest you wing. In fact, the most effective searches take significant time and effort to land just one promising job interview. But sometimes all that effort still results in an impressively empty inbox, despite your constant networking and proactive “best interview tips” Google search. What gives?

We can think of no one better to shed some light on the situation than HR managers who deal daily with these scenarios. How can you launch a job search that actually gets results? CareerBuilder surveyed over 2,500 HR managers to gain insight on how to create an effective job search, from securing an interview to snagging the job. Here’s what they said.


How to get the interview

First things first: the interview. How do you create an application that demands a company’s attention? The following five things are most likely to get you an interview, according to the HR managers.

1. You put a blog, portfolio, or website link in your resume

  • Increased chance of an interview: 14%

Taking charge of your online presence is one of the best ways to control your job search destiny. Long gone are the days of simple Word document resumes. The most effective way to outshine other candidates is to include a link to an online blog, portfolio, or website you crafted that elaborates on your skill set.

This method was once reserved for creative professionals, including writers, artists, web designers, etc. But even office professionals can create a digital portfolio that engages employers. And CareerBuilder thinks it’s a smart idea, as 14% of HR managers said this simple addition makes them more likely to schedule an interview with a candidate.

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