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5 Tips You Must Consider While Raising a Toddler

5 Tips You Must Consider While Raising a Toddler

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Raising toddlers is not an easy task. When babies grow into toddlers – they are like explorers. They want to touch, smell, taste everything and suddenly have a voice that they want to be heard. Since they are still learning to talk; they scream and throw tantrums at little things. For a first time parent – handling a toddler may be overwhelming, especially given all the screaming, wailing and running around!

At one hand your toddler is growing fast, gaining height and weight; while on the other hand, he is learning how to hit you. As a parent, at this stage, you have to be extremely cautious about how we react. At this age, toddlers learn by seeing and they copy our actions even before we realize.

Following are 5 tips to keep in mind while raising a toddler:

1. Consistency
Toddlers don’t like change since they do not understand much at this age. Be persistent and consistent with their schedules and behaviors. If you have said NO to something, ensure you stick to it. If sleep time is 8pm, ensure you follow it as much as you can. Ensure you let the child know that their cute expressions or full-blown tantrums won’t deter you.

2. KISS Instructions
Toddlers do not understand long sentences or complex expressions. Keep It Simple and Sweet – KISS your instructions for them. Say loud and clear when you give instructions. Repeat if necessary. This also helps toddlers build vocabulary and teaches them how to follow instructions.

3. Don’t Assume
Do not assume that your toddler will automatically start learning alphabets or numbers or answers to questions. Staying a little ahead always benefits. At 1.8-2 years you can start with oral learning like alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors. This will keep them constructively engaged while developing their brains to the fullest.

4. Understand Behavior
Know your toddler’s trigger points. Every child is different and unique and has different aspects which upset or make them happy. Prepare beforehand for a situation which you know may result in a cranky toddler. For instance, if you know your child sleeps at 11 am, ensure you make the child sleep and then leave the house to run an errand. You do not want a toddler screaming on top of his voice because he is sleepy.

5. Stay Positive
Learn from others, you will make it to the end of this phase. As said earlier, raising toddlers can be overwhelming but stay at it. When in a situation, where you don’t know what to do – take a deep breath, count to three, and get down to your child’s eye level. Be polite yet firm, serious but not stern.


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